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Utah Inmate Dies when Dialysis Tech Doesn’t Show

Source: Deseret News UTAH STATE PRISON — An inmate scheduled to be paroled in two weeks died Sunday after a medical contractor responsible for performing his dialysis treatments failed to show up at the prison on Friday and Saturday. Ramon C. Estrada, 62, died from apparent cardiac arrest that was the result of kidney failure, … Continue reading

Dialysis Technician Jobs in Utah

Congratulations on your decision to become a kidney dialysis technician in Utah. You are making a noble career choice! The duties and job description of a dialysis tech are both demanding and rewarding. Operating a dialysis machine is a hefty responsibility that requires a well trained person. Dialysis is a critical service for many patients, … Continue reading

Dialysis Technician Training in Utah

Dialysis technician training in Utah will prepare for a career in the dialysis field. A dialysis technician, often referred to as a hemodyalisis technician, is someone who operates a dialysis machine in a hospital, treatment center, or other health care facility. This person studies and is certified to operate the device and prepares the patient … Continue reading