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When Does a Person Need Dialysis?

Dialysis is the process of removing waste and excess fluid from the blood.  This process is typically handled by the kidney.  Patients who have suffered kidney damage or kidney failure lose some of this functionality.  A patient will typically need dialysis when waste products in the body become too high and they start to cause … Continue reading

Atrial Fibrillation Patients At Risk During Dialysis

A recent study published in the medical journal Heart found that atrial fibrillation (AF) patients who receive regular dialysis treatment have more episodes of irregular heartbeat on dialysis days. The study also shows that irregular heartbeats for AF patients occur more often during the dialysis treatment. Several hospitals in the Netherlands studied 40 dialysis patients … Continue reading

DaVita Launches Hemodiafiltration Trial in Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – For the first time hemodiafiltration will be delivered to dialysis patients in the United States. DaVita Kidney Care, one of the leading kidney care providers, announced it will be delivering hemodiafiltration treatment to select patients in a Colorado Springs clinic. The trial is expected to last six months. The most common … Continue reading

Tiny Wrist-Worn Dialysis Machines a Real Possibility

Hemodialysis is one of the most effective ways of treating a patient with kidney failure or kidney damage. Once the kidney is no longer able to function properly, artificial methods must be employed to do the job. Dialysis machines are usually quite large, expensive, and requires constant maintenance. But that could all change with a … Continue reading