Growing Demand for Dialysis Services in Traverse City, MI -

Dialysis Services Needed in Traverse City, MI

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Earlier this year Alan Norton began his dialysis treatment and it changed his life.  Norton has diabetes and other health complications that originated from exposure to “Agent Orange” while he served in the military in Vietnam.

The human being is a creature of adaptation.  There is a tendency to view deteriorating physical health as “natural causes” and so we do nothing about it.  Norton, 68, realized that his poor health was not simply a sign of old age.  He found out the hard way when he began suffering from serious kidney problems.  “I guess people don’t realize how bad it is until they crash,” he said.

Health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular complications and other illnesses can cause kidney damage and eventually kidney failure.  Once the kidneys top working, the patient requires a kidney transplant or dialysis.  If proper kidney functions are not restored, the patient is at high risk of death.

Once Norton began his dialysis treatment, he started feeling better almost immediately.  “You just don’t know how bad you’re feeling, and I can tell you that in just five months it’s taken me back years and years. I haven’t felt this good for a long time,” he exclaimed.

There are many other patients like Alan in the Traverse City area.  He visits the Munson Medical Center for his dialysis treatment.  There are several other dialysis clinics in the area, but professionals say the need isn’t being met.  There just aren’t enough available services to meet the growing dialysis demand.  As a result, the Munson Medical Center has decided to expand their dialysis operations.

“We’re expanding because there’s increased cardiovascular (disease) and diabetes in the community,” said Munson Dialysis Services Resource Clinician Mary Haverty-Robinson. “We see that come down the line, and that forces us to treat those patients that end up with kidney failure.”

Dialysis Technician Training in Michigan

This growth might be a perfect opportunity for students interested in dialysis technician training in Michigan.  Dialysis tech training is typically a short term certification program.  Students could graduate and be working in less than two years.  It appears that there me upcoming jobs available in the Traverse City area for dialysis technicians.


Healthcare and Dialysis Technician Training in Traverse City

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