Dialysis Technician Salary

Dialysis Technician Salary

Dialysis technicians are paid to operate hemodialysis equipment and assist patients who are receiving kidney dialysis. In order to become a certified dialysis technician, you must attend a training program from a dialysis technician school. Once you have completed training, you may be required to pass a final exam before you can be certified. As a certified dialysis tech, you will be able to work in a clinic or hospital and earn a dialysis technician salary.

Average Dialysis Technician Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) dialysis technicians are categorized under the health technologist and technician occupational group. In 2012 the median health technologist salary was $40,700 per year, or about $20 per hour. The highest 10% of health technologists earned more than $67k annually. Some health technicians earned as much as $100,00 for specialized occupations and administrative positions.

Geographic Location

Just like any occupation, geographic location can impact dialysis technician salary. A dialysis technician in North Carolina earns an average of $37,230 per year. A dialysis technician in the next state over, Tennessee, can earn $56,000 or more. Much of this is due to local economies, state budgets, and health care laws. When searching for a location to start a career, it’s smart to select an area known to have higher dialysis technician salary.

Top Paying States for Dialysis Technician Salary

Top Paying States for Dialysis Technician SalaryThere are some states that have a higher average dialysis technician salary. The majority of the highest paying states are located on the west coast and in the north east of the country. The top paying states by annual salary in 2012 were:

  1. Mississippi – $61,500
  2. Tennessee – $54,490
  3. Minnesota – $53,930
  4. Alaska – $53,770
  5. Washington – $53,610

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas for Dialysis Technician Salary

Highest Paying Metropolitan Areas for Dialysis Technician SalaryAcross the country there are pockets of communities and cities that seem to have a higher than average dialysis technician survey. Not all of the communities were located in the highest paying states from above. All metropolitan areas had an average salary higher than $64k. In 2012 the top paying metropolitan areas for health technologists and technicians were:

  1. Redding, CA – $71,150
  2. Bangor, ME – $68,540
  3. Mobile, AL – $66,640
  4. Nashville, TN – $65,680
  5. Bridgeport, CT – $64,760

Other Allied Health Technician Salaries

Compared with other allied health care occupations, dialysis technician salary is very competitive. However, dialysis technicians generally earn less than other allied health care occupations, such as dental hygienist or surgical technician. A dental hygienist averages about $68,000 per year and a surgical technician salary averages about $39,000.

Healthcare and Dialysis Technician Training in Your Area

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