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Dialysis Technician Certification

In most states dialysis technician certification is required before beginning work.  There is an official certification called the certified clinical hemodialysis technician (CCHT).  In order to become certified you must first pass an examination.  We have provided a thorough review of the process so that your pathway towards a dialysis technician certification is fast and easy.  The main topics covered in this article are:

  • Qualifying for the certification exam.
  • Preparing to take the exam.
  • Applying for the exam.
  • Taking the exam.

Qualifying for the Certification Exam

The CCHT examination process is monitored by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC).  In order to take the exam and receive your dialysis technician certification, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Possess a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent, the General Educational Development (GED).
  2. Successfully complete a dialysis technician training program that included both supervised clinical experience and classroom instruction.
  3. If you have not yet obtained a dialysis technician job, provide the number of hours spent in clinical hands-on patient care experience obtained during the training program.
  4. If you’ve worked as a dialysis technician within the last 18 months, provide the name of the employer.
  5. If you’ve been unemployed for 18 months or longer, provide proof of current retraining or hands-on experience.

Prepare for the Dialysis Technician Certification Exam

Before you apply for the dialysis technician certification exam, it’s smart to prepare.  Just like any exam, reviewing the dialysis technician curriculum covered during your training program is the best place to start.  It’s important to focus on the areas with which you are least familiar.  By studying course materials, becoming familiar with the test itself and even taking a practice exam, you can properly prepare for the CCHT examination.

CCHT Exam Blueprint

Dialysis Technician Certification - CCHT Exam BlueprintThe CCHT exam blueprint is an official tool released by the NNCC.  It will give you a general idea of what will be covered in the dialyiss technician certification exam and their weight.  You can use this blueprint to see what content the questions will focus on, and which subject areas the exam consists of.  As you can see from the blueprint itself, the main area of study is in the clinical section (48-50%).

The CCHT exam blueprint translates into the following:

  • Clinical dialysis duties – 50% of test
  • Technical dialysis activities – 23% of test
  • Dialysis environment – 15% of test
  • Role of the dialysis technician – 12% of test

Take a CCHT Practice Exam

NNCC CCHT Practice ExamBefore taking the official examination for your dialysis technician certification, you may want to practice to get an idea of the questions.  This will also be one of the best measures to know if you are ready for the real exam.  The NNCC offers a CCHT practice exam online for $30.  You can register for the CCHT practice exam here.

Once you are confident that you are ready for the dialysis technician certification exam, you must submit your application.

CCHT Exam Application

There are a variety of testing locations, but The Center for Nursing Education and Testing offers computer-based testing for dialysis technician certification.  Once you verify that you have met all the CCHT exam requirements and identify your testing location, you can apply for the exam. You will be required to provide documentation showing that you meet all the requirements above. Download the official CCHT exam application.

Fees for CCHT Exam

The NNCC may change the CCHT exam fee schedule at any time.  Typically the total CCHT exam fees cost between $200-250.  There are all sorts of extra fees that you can choose to pay, such as expedited review, 90-day extension, etc.  There are also some penalties for sending an incomplete form or filing your application after the deadline.

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