Allied Health Careers

Dialysis Technician and Other Allied Health Careers

Many people become interested in the dialysis technician occupation because the process is very straightforward and you have a clear idea of what you’ll be doing once you become certified. Are you aware that there are other occupations in the allied health world that have similar opportunities? Here we will cover several other allied health career paths that may interest you. The three occupations we will identify are the radiological technician, ultrasound technician, and veterinary technician.

Radiological Technician

A radiological technician, sometimes referred to as an x-ray technician, is responsible for operating radiology equipment in a clinic or hospital. They produce images using this technology that helps physicians, surgeons, and other medical staff assess and diagnose patients. Radiological technician training is similar to that of a dialysis technician because many of the basic aspects of medical science and patient care are covered. However, a radiological technician specializes in the use of radiation equipment instead of dialysis equipment.

Ultrasound Technician

An ultrasound technician, often referred to as a sonographer or sonography technician, utilizes sound-based equipment to generate images of the human body. Unlike radiology equipment, sonograms can generate much higher quality images. The most common use of the sonogram is to view a developing fetus inside a pregnant mother. But ultrasound technician training teaches students how to operate the equipment for a wide range of uses, including viewing muscle tissue, irregular growths, and internal organs.

Veterinary Technician

If working with human patients is too difficult or cumbersome for you, perhaps you could consider a career as a veterinary technician, working with animals. The veterinary technician, or veterinary assistant, provides direct care to animals and supports the veterinarian by providing various services in the clinic or animal hospital. Veterinary technician colleges teach students how to conduct complete physical examinations, take blood and urine samples, process laboratory tests, and much more.

Healthcare and Dialysis Technician Training in Your Area

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