DaVita to Open New Dialysis Clinic in San Rafael, CA

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DaVita plans to open new dialysis treatment clinic in San Rafael, CAAccording to DaVita spokesman Justin Sorbis, the Denver-based DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. opens approximately 150 dialysis centers each year. The company plans to open their second Marin County center in San Rafael, CA some time in 2015.

Sorbis said that the new center will have 28 dialysis stations capable of treating more than 200 patients each day. Patients will be able to book appointments as early as 4AM. A typical dialysis treatment takes 3-4 hours.

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Sorbis said that the new center will bring 20 new jobs to the area. This is good news for students interested in dialysis technician training in San Rafael. Dialysis technicians are responsible for operating and maintaining the dialysis machines used during treatment. They monitor patient progress and ensure the machines are properly cleaned and sanitized before used by another patient.

The future location of the San Rafael DaVita clinic is expected to be built in the downtown area. 1415 Third Street and 814 E Street. The new center is expected to have very little impact to the area, one of the properties a historic Victorian-era residence.


The need for more dialysis clinics grows every year. “Unfortunately, dialysis is a growing business model because so many patients end up with kidney failure as a result of high blood pressure and diabetes,” said Sorbis. DaVita is one of the largest kidney care companies in the world. They opened their first Marin County dialysis center at 650 Las Gallinas Ave in 2008.

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