Centurion 1500+ dialysis machine approved by FDA

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Centurion 1500+ Dialysis Water Treatment SystemHemodialysis, sometimes just called “dialysis,” is a way to mimic the natural activities of the human kidney. Dialysis may be necessary when a person experiences kidney damage or kidney failure. Patient’s are connected to a dialysis machine to receive the treatment. A dialysis technician assists with the process and monitors the patient before during and after the treatment.

Water treatment/purification is one of the most important factors in dialysis treatment. Dialysis works by mixing water with dialysate. This mixture helps remove waste and excess fluids from the patient’s blood. Water purification is absolutely crucial to the dialysis procedure. The body of an average person is exposed to only 14 liters of water per week. A typical dialysis patient is exposed to more than 300 liters of water per week. If the water is not ideal for the body, the patient will rapidly suffer the consequences.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Centurion 1500+ dialysis water treatment system for marketing. Designed by AmeriWater, the Centurion 1500+ is unlike any other dialysis treatment system. It uses an integrated heat disinfection design that disinfects the entire unit in a single step. Further more, this system disinfects the membrane as well as the delivery lines and inlet.

This disinfection system greatly reduces the time it takes a dialysis technician to clean the unit. Water purification units are typically supplying water for multiple dialysis machines. Therefore, introducing a higher level of efficiency in the water treatment system is experienced by multiple patients.

The Centurion 1500+ is not only designed to work in healthcare and dialysis facilities. The water treatment system can also be used for in-home treatment. The system uses technology that allows it to operate even in hard-water environments. Diane Dolan, CEO of AmeriWater said, “We’re very excited to introduce this innovative unit which complements our complete line of dialysis water treatment systems for home use, and medical facilities.”

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