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Veterinary Technician Schools

Congratulations on the choice to become a veterinary technician. The veterinary technician career is expanding quickly and veterinary technician schools are always looking for new students. Overall, veterinary technician is a great career option. Veterinary technician salary is very good and training programs are not very long. Finding a veterinary technician school that’s perfect for … Continue reading

Phlebotomy Certification

A phlebotomist is a medical professional that has been certified and trained in the procedure of extracting blood from patients and donors.  Before you can start working as a phlebotomist, you must complete the phlebotomy certification process.  Phlebotomy courses are short, pay is very competitive, and future job market is positive.  Today is the perfect … Continue reading

Richmond Community College Seeks $1.8M from County

Source: Your Daily Journal HAMLET — Richmond Community College trustees approved its budget requests from Richmond and Scotland counties’ governments and learned details of an upcoming open house and anniversary gala during the board’s Tuesday meeting held at the Honeycutt Center in Laurinburg. RCC’s request for funding from Richmond County is in line with what … Continue reading

Dialysis Technology Lifts Off with Aeronautics Software

Source: Machine Design Patients with kidney failure depend on dialysis machines to replace most renal functions. A dialysis machine is responsible for filtering creatinine and urea from the blood, and moderating water content to control blood volume. Now, aeronautic software will be used to significantly improve kidney dialysis technology, and no modest bioengineer can shrug … Continue reading

Utah Inmate Dies when Dialysis Tech Doesn’t Show

Source: Deseret News UTAH STATE PRISON — An inmate scheduled to be paroled in two weeks died Sunday after a medical contractor responsible for performing his dialysis treatments failed to show up at the prison on Friday and Saturday. Ramon C. Estrada, 62, died from apparent cardiac arrest that was the result of kidney failure, … Continue reading

Growing Interest in CNA Programs

The nursing assistant is a low-level nurse professional. Nursing assistants give basic nursing care services to residents that need help with their daily activities. Nurse assistants earn a decent salary. The job market for CNAs is extremely hopeful. The path to get certified is fast and easy. Some states don’t require nurse assistants to be … Continue reading

Dialysis Technician Salary: 2013 Top Paying States and Cities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes dialysis technicians within the “health technologist and technician” occupational group.  The dialysis technician is a health technology professional that is trained to operate and maintain dialysis equipment. They work closely with patients and other health professionals to diagnose and provide services to dialysis patients.  Kidney dialysis, sometimes referred … Continue reading

Nocturnal kidney dialysis makes life easier for Michiana resident

MICHIANA, IN – Chronic kidney disease is a growing health problem in the United States.  Chances are, it could strike someone in your family, as 26 million Americans — or one in nine people — have kidney disease. Approximately 400,000 people have dialysis every week, meaning they’re hooked up to machines that do what their … Continue reading

Researchers Discover Way to Reduce Inflammation During Dialysis

A new article in Nephrology News & Issues (NNI) discusses how researches in Pennsylvania have found a way to avoid systemic inflammation common in dialysis patients.  Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection, injury or irritant.  Researches discuss how the polymers used in dialysis fluid activates the body’s immune system, resulting in inflammation. Lead … Continue reading

When Does a Person Need Dialysis?

Dialysis is the process of removing waste and excess fluid from the blood.  This process is typically handled by the kidney.  Patients who have suffered kidney damage or kidney failure lose some of this functionality.  A patient will typically need dialysis when waste products in the body become too high and they start to cause … Continue reading