$2.2 million Dialysis Center Approved in Graham, NC

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GRAHAM, NC – After an agreement to move existing dialysis treatment centers in Alamance County to the newly proposed facility, the plan for a $2.2 million dialysis center in Graham, NC has been approved.  Renal Treatment Centers, a subsidiary of one of the nation’s largest kidney care companies, DaVita, will be responsible for the new center.  Renal Treatment Centers already owns two other dialysis centers in Alamance County.

The new Graham location would create a 10-station Kidney Disease Treatment Center which would be certified as an end stage renal disease (ESRD) facility.  According to the Certificate of Need Section of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, the new center would “provide in-center hemodialysis and home training for peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis.”

The new facility is expected to open in late 2015.  A proposed timeline stated that plans would be completed by March 1, 25 percent of construction should be completed by June 15, and the center should be open for service delivery by December 1.

The center plans include relocating eight existing dialysis stations from the Burlington Dialysis Center and two from the North Burlington Dialysis Center.  Even with the relocation, the Burlington center would maintain 17 stations for patients there and the North Burlington center would maintain 11 stations.

One major factor influencing the decision for the relocation were the letters written by 31 dialysis patients supporting the proposed Graham site.  According to the application, “All of the patients have indicated in their letters that they live closer to the proposed Graham facility and that the facility will be more convenient for them.”

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